The Jeshua Letters

The Jeshua Letters

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In July 1987 Jeshua (Jesus) first appeared to Jayem in a field of Light, coming closer and closer "...until his eyes were all I could see. And then his eyes seemed to pour right through me and I felt like I was dissolving into them, into those incredibly peaceful eyes."

Over a period of nearly two years Jeshua appeared many times and also gave 'dictation', which Jayem scribbled down as fast as he could. Eventually He asked Jayem to publish it as The Jeshua Letters, and so this book emerged.

It is a weaving of two strands...

On the one hand it is Jayem's story of his journey from scepticism and doubt to deep trust, from being 'a reluctant channel' to complete surrender into his work with Jeshua - a deeply human story, told with great honesty. He speaks openly and authentically about doubting his sanity, the fear of condemnation if he steps outside the 'norm', the resistance to inevitable changes if he truly follows his heart - and describes for us both the dark and the light-filled moments, the angst and the expanded consciousness.

It is Jayem's story, but it is also our own. Each of us has the very same challenges in the context of our seemingly particular life: the fears, the denial and doubt, the holding back from our heart's desire. We see Jayem's unfolding and surrender, and so can entertain a new possibility for ourself; and this is such an incredible gift. Here is a invitation and a modelling of what it means to decide to live the teachings, to live fully awake.

And it is the start of an astounding body of work given by Jeshua over the next twenty years, restoring the essential truths of his original teachings, previously 'lost in translation' on their passage from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English.

"Now we begin."

With these words He opens the teaching communication. Jeshua's Letters are simple, profound and practical, and they stand powerfully as the human tale weaves and flows around them. His voice is certain but always gentle; inviting, never demanding. To read them is know beyond doubt - to know palpably - that Truth is being expressed.

The Son is one, without a second.

You (all of us) are as I AM.

Only God IS.

The Jeshua Letters is a great story and a compelling read, full of miracles, meetings with discarnate beings and a beautiful friendship, and it's tempting to read quickly to find out 'what happens next'! But as these Letters are revisited many times, more slowly, with devotion and contemplation, they reveal more and more. As Jayem says in his Epilogue, added some eighteen years later with the third edition, the book offers "...exquisite layers of wisdom, masterfully woven... not a book to be read once, but a universally possible experience to be lived into."

Opened at random or under inner guidance, each page holds gems of wisdom which speak to the Soul at whatever stage it finds itself in the process of awakening in Christ Mind and incarnating as the Living Word.

Allow yourself to feel

the truth of this,

that each and everyone of you

is here but for one reason:

to realize the Truth

and to come home again.


"I suggest that you approach this important volume with an attitude of meditation rather than logical scrutiny. There is great logic of Spirit here, but that logic is not confined to rational understanding. More often Spirit speaks to our inner knowingness. There is a poetry here that must not be missed. The words should be savoured and absorbed in quietude with a receptive heart. Imagine that Jeshua is speaking directly to you, as indeed He is and you will find your message."

author Alan Cohen,
from the Foreword.

"You have experienced the many aspects of separation. This world you know well. Has its allure not clearly failed you? When you choose the abundance of the Kingdom, there is born a way of living which requires no planning, no attachment, no securing of one's survival. All is prepared before you, the one who serves first the Father who is within you."


This invitation being extended by Jeshua (Jesus) in this exquisite dialogue with Jayem. The wisdom, clarity and practicality of His guidance is profound and unquestionable.

Read the first chapter here and experience the energy of these exquisite teachings for yourself!

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Jeshua in My Living Room

Jayem speaks about Jeshua’s appearance and his message.

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Each and every one of you is here for but one reason: to realize the Truth and to come Home again.