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The Jeshua Letters


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Borne in the Grace Stream


Whenever the grace stream is sweeping me up like this, I do my best not to think, but to trust, and to look for the signs revealing support along the way.

Alam Cinta Ashram


Alam Cinta Ashram has completed a deep cycle of life... Our ashram venue and activities are now closed, since end of April 2014.

The Reluctant Channel


Jayem speaks about how the channeling began.

The Topic is Love


An excerpt from a Darshan in Bali on Love

Jon Marc Hammer

About Jon Marc Hammer

Jon Marc Hammer shares that his extraordinary encounter with Jeshua, in 1987, was the beginning of a long, sustained apprenticeship grounded in a deep and humble devotional gratitude to Jeshua for bringing the ‘grace–filled Light that heals, awakens, and transforms’.

Although he completed degrees in comparative philosophy and religion, and had explored the paths of meditation and hatha yoga, the unresolved issues of his own human past – including emotional issues of childhood and especially a submerged guilt for participating in Vietnam - had brought him to a place of what he describes as an ‘abysmal failure’ as a father.

Alone in a small chapel,

something in him opened to a God he had rejected,

and he asked for help.

It came. First, in the form of intense developmental work with skilled therapists in which he unlocked his childhood pain, and discovered the path of inquiry and the first introduction to recovering and healing the ‘fractured fairy tales of my youth’. This journey took him all the way to the recovery of childhood abuse, and his own pain found its roots in the experience of his own birth: the death of his identical twin three days prior to his birth. Here was the source of his ‘survivor guilt’; the basis for a hidden self loathing.

Upon completion of this dark and crucial period of challenging inner work Jeshua appeared, in July, 1987. Needless to say, this was the advent of a quantum leap in the true healing journey: the radical transformation in the seat of consciousness itself; the remembrance of God, and the shattering opening of the spiritual heart.

He shares it is quite true that only by teaching do we truly learn, and only by sharing what grace has brought us do we come to know and become that Grace itself. Yet, this is merely the return to an Ancient Beginning, a beginning that is vast, breathtaking, and – ultimately – humbling beyond all imagination. This alone opens the door to true Peace.

From guilt-ridden, tentative channel to a skilled facilitator and transmitter of real spiritual Presence and the capacity to join intimately in the journey of everyone in a group small or large, Jon Marc Hammer is known the world over for his compassionate, clear sharing of Truth and for his ability to rapidly help others ‘cut to the chase’ of the pain, wounds, and illusions that are binding them.

In his own words:

“ I am a humbled lover of God, who is but Love, and a sharer of the infinite capacity and intelligence of Love, knowing that each and every soul is the most precious creation in creation. To take up the Great Work of real liberation is to be 'returned' from hell to heaven. The soul cannot rest until this atonement is completed.”

Who are the best way-showers?

Those who have journeyed through the territory of the full range of what it means to be human. To fall, to rise, and to share in gratitude to the one Jon Marc Hammer refers to as 'The Beloved One', is everything.  And it is what every soul is involved in, without exception.

He offers himself and his skill and wisdom full out, and prays each who may encounter this PathWay will digest it all, heal, evolve, and find ways to express this Great Love in their lives, for the benefit of all beings.

To take up the Great Work of real liberation is to be “returned” from hell to heaven. The soul cannot rest until this atonement is completed.”

From guilt-ridden, tentative channel to a skilled facilitator and transmitter of real spiritual Presence 

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Faith, great mystery, great enigma!   What is it that calls the bird to sing while dawn is yet night, and the child to leave its mothers

What is it to love?

It is to serve the flowering of another's soul and never tire.

Tonight the moon...

Tonight the moon shines silver upon the earth. In the distance, the echo of a chanting priest in the temple. Soft, almost imperceptible breeze. This moment. You read these words, and all things are arising of themselves, just so. Where is perfection hidden?

ACIM and Way of Mastery

Let’s look at both A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery…

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Relationship is the means of your salvation – Jeshua. In this short video Jon Marc Hammer provides clarification around this quote.

Intensive offered in 2011

Enroll here for our next Palpable Forgiveness Intensive in Bali, 10 - 24 April 2011


The first traces of light dance faintly against my eyelids, and the body is stirred to waking.

Private Sessions

Jon Marc Hammer is available for private sessions for guests at Alam Cinta Ashram

imageIntensives - The Journey

Palpable Forgiveness offers a journey to enlightenment... Some more details on Phase 2 and Phase 3

imageSacred Places and Inner Spaces

Jon Marc Hammer offers an annual pilgrimage to sacred places and into inner spaces. This is so much more than just a tourist trip.

Palpable Forgiveness Intensive

Dates for the next intensive, offered in Bali April 10-24, 2010


Is it necessary, Jeshua, to go to the other aspects of ourselves and ask forgiveness for errors that we feel we have made?

His Language, Aramaic

Aramaic is a very rich language, of tone and vibration - like a mantra

imageLord's Prayer Download

Experience the Lord's Prayer today - available via MP3 Download

The Jeshua Letters

The Jeshua Letters, a remarkable encounter with Jesus. This book provides an insight into the deep reluctance of Jon Marc Hammer to become involved with Jeshua...

Lesson 1, Deeper insights with Jon Marc Hammer
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Deeper insights into Chapter 1 of Way of The Heart with Jon Marc Hammer, includes quotes from the teachings and a short discourse.

An Overview with Jon Marc Hammer
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A short overview of the Way of Mastery, how it was delivered by Jeshua and a reminder to come back to the basics, Lesson 1, Way of the Heart

imageWhat is a Mystic? An Interview with Jon Marc Hammer

So, a mystic is one who comes into a profoundly deep love of the Mystery we refer to as "God".

imageLesson 15 - A Synopsis

A synopsis of Lesson 15 from Way of the Transformation: Reality Easter Message

imageThe Aramaic Beatitudes

Like the Lords Prayer, the Beatitudes are NOT mere platitudes or statements of belief. During his intense immersion in their study with Jeshua, Jon Marc Hammer suddenly realized

imageThe Seamless Life

The Seamless Life... What does this mean? What would this look like?

imageThe Way of Mastery PathWay Begins...

The Way of Mastery PathWay, a genuine spirituality

imageCosmic Chocolate Orgasm - Find out more...

This book is for one who would choose to embark on a profound journey of transformation for ... the love of God.

Sample more here...

Within this section you can watch, read, listen to materials from Jon Marc Hammer and the PathWay!

imageWhat others have said...

Read testimonials from visitors to Ashram Alam Cinta (The Nature of Love)

More on the Blue Book

More information on the Blue Book and how it came into being

imageAbout Sangha

Sangha or community must provide safety to expose what calls for healing...

The Blue Book

Way of Mastery - not the title of ONE book

imageAshram Schedule

The ashram schedule provides you with an overview of activities offered at the ashram on a weekly basis.


Welcome to The Way of Mastery - that PathWay as set forth by Jeshua.

imageAlam Cinta Ashram

Take a vacation in paradise... Alam Cinta literally translates as the "Nature of Love"

imageIs This For You?

You may be wondering if The Way of Mastery PathWay is for you?

PathWays - An Interview with Jon Marc Hammer

What's so important about the Mystical Path? Jon Marc Hammer shares some Jewels of wisdom about the mystical path

imageWhat Did He Really Teach?

The real teachings of Jeshua correct the mind, heal the heart, and awaken the soul.

imageThe PathWay History

This page provides a historical background of the PathWay and how it all began

imageThe Bridge to God

Love'sBreath... All genuine spiritual pathways hold the breath as central to the evolution of consciousness

imageRadical Inquiry

Radical Inquiry - Inquiry into the nature of your own mind, and why you think the way you do

imageWhere to Begin?

If you have never touched these materials before, a suggestion on where to begin

imageWhat is Jewels of the Christ Mind?

Jewels of the Christ Mind is a 12 month transformational on-line course.

imageLord's Prayer CD

This powerful CD unlocks levels of meaning in the Aramaic Lord's Prayer that have been lost in the current English version

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