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Jayem If you thought the Way of Mastery was the title of a book, then think again! The Way of Mastery, or The PathWay, is rooted in Jayem's extrordinary personal encounter with Jeshua (Jesus) over a period of 25 years.

Grounded, vast and all inclusive, it provides a practical, inspiring and genuine spirituality.

Palpable Forgiveness... People from all over the world, journey to Bali to accelerate their growth and enlightenment at our PathWay intensives. They provide the rare opportunity to receive skilled guidance while mastering the essential tools and skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Palpable Forgiveness

Retreats and Intensives

Ashram Online

The On-Line Ashram will provide you with the precious opportunity to immerse in the PathWay with Jayem as if you were at Alam Cinta Ashram in Bali, without leaving your own home, or your computer!!!

Jeshua was channelling through Jayem long before he ever hinted at the Way of Mastery. These recorded sessions are made available through "The Early Years" with never-before titles being released!

Explore these transcripts and recordings...

The Early Years

Jeshua through Jayem

The Aramaic Jesus

Guided by Jeshua, The Aramaic Jesus is a stunning revelation of His true teachings for enlightenment as found in the Lords Prayer and Beatitudes. They are essential to the Way of Mastery!

Be prepared to be surprised!

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Welcome to The Way of Mastery - that PathWay as set forth by Jeshua....

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The Way of Mastery PathWay, a genuine spirituality...

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Our Bedouin Friends..

Our Bedouin Friends......

Way of Mastery Pilgrimage

Join us for a Way of Mastery Pilgrimage ~ Module One, PathWay Teacher Training Intensive & PathWay Immersion to Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA ~ April 17-30, 2016...

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